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Highest strategic value

You will get the highest added value through a project designed specifically for a key challenge of your business. The latest findings in neuroscience allow us to offer you a unique and innovative solution.

Highest effectiveness

We endow you with the highest effectiveness of our own methodology. We will bring some very significant business results with a differential effectiveness through a capsule project of a few weeks, not months.

Highest satisfaction: Guaranteed

It is fundamentally a matter of trust: if you are not fully satisfied with our capsule or its results, we will refund you in full the amount of our fees!

Our Strategy


To internationally lead, being trendsetter, the generation of competitive advantage applying the latest discoveries in neuroscience to business strategy.


  • Innovation and Trend Generation
  • Commitment
  • High Value Added
  • Pragmatism
  • Rigor
  • Ethics
  • Independence
  • Confidentiality.


The mainstays that make the difference in the success and effectiveness of our projects are:


The application of the latest discoveries of neuroscience gives us an Effectiveness, both in Creating Results and in Cultural Change Management, unattainable under any other paradigm.


On the basis of all the projects performed by Kernel Business Consulting (Kernel) under our specific Service Model in all these years and of the extensive experience of our team, our methodology generates a process of Knowledge Management and Continuous Improvement of geometric growth.


The High Consultancy background of our professionals, their extensive experience as senior executives and our own mindlogics® methodology are continously developing a unique set of Best Practices, including those of Top Strategic & Management Consultancy.

Our Methodology



Business Strategy

Definition, design and implementation of the new strategy and the transformation process from a new understanding of your audiences and creating with you a unique and innovative differentiation for your company.


Definition of scenarios, prioritization, design and implementation of initiatives and innovation projects within an overall strategic framework and building a long-term source of differentiation.


Definition, design and implementation of experiences for the audiences of the company (Customers / Markets, Employees, Suppliers, etc. ), as applicable, based on maximizing the real and perceived value for these audiences.

Business Models

Definition, design and implementation of optimal business models to implement your strategic initiatives, under an iterative approach in very short cycles that maximize the results and scope of project implementation.

Implementation and Change Management

Our consultants have proven experience in senior management. We bring the level of support you need, from co-Leading the implementation with you to occasional support on demand.

Customized Projects

Our projects are always tailored to fit your challenges and opportunities, covering all areas of the company at top management level, including General Management, Innovation and Strategic Management of Technology.


  1. Neuro-Discovery

    Neuro Discovery

  2. Neuro-Knowledge / Analysis and Prioritization

    Subconscious vs. consciuos understanding of the company, the industry and its internal and external publics

  3. Neuro-Design

    Conceptualization / preliminary design of feasible and prioritized business strategies

  4. Neuro-Business Model / Detailed Design

    Detailed neuro-business model with market/commercial and economic-financial scenarios and projections

  5. Planning

    Detailed scheduling of the implementation, with tasks, responsibles, objectives, indicators, milestones and investments

  6. Neuro-Clutch

    Planning and objectives/indicators by iterations. Maximum results at very short cycles

  7. Implementation Co-Leadership

    Effective delegation of project implementation leadership and achievement of results


% Satisfied Customers






Cups of Coffee


Jorge Fernández
Jorge Fernández
Physicist, Researcher, Senior Consultant, Top Executive, Entrepreneur and Guru in Applied Neuroscience to Business Strategy. 11 years at BigFour and 15 in General Management Positions. Author of 3 books and more than 30 published articles. He appeared in the 2nd edition of "Personalities of Catalonia" (2010) by famous journalist César Liesa and founded Kernel in 2007.
Ángel Rodríguez
Digital Transformation Director
Telecommunications Engineer, Senior Consultant, Top Executive. More than 25 years in Top Management Positions at leading international firms of consulting services and technology. Digital Transformation Specialist and Expert in the Application of Latest Technologies as Enablers of Innovation and Strategic Reinvention.
Hind Mourhfir
Economist, Senior Consultant, Executive and Entrepreneur. 10 years in Management Positions at multinational companies and 10 years at top consulting firms. Specialist in Innovation, Digital Marketing, Strategy and Expert in the application of neuroscience to Business Strategy. Speaks 6 languages (full proficiency level).
Anthony Bradshaw
International Business Director
Economist, Top Executive, Senior Consultant and Entrepreneur. More than 25 years in Management Positions in multinational companies. Specialist in International Markets Development, Multinational Companies, Luxury & Premum industries and Commercial and Marketing Expert.

Team Skills



We have extensive and proven experience in general management positions and have been in top strategic consulting firms.


Business Strategy

We deeply know strategic planning & management and have been applying them in many industries.


Applied Neuroscience

Kernel is the first company applying the latest discoveries in neuroscience to business strategy (mindlogics® methodology).


Digital / Latest Technologies

A significant part of our team started their professional careers in technology and IT consulting at BigFour.


Cultural Change Management

Our own methodology implies an effectiveness in management and in the achievement of business results unattainable under any other consulting model.



All our consultants are bilingual, with full proficiency level in english and several people with that level in 4 or more languages.

Nice testimonials from our customers:

"Estamos muy satisfechos con el trabajo de KBC. Los seleccionamos para nuestro Plan Estratégico de expansion para los próximos 3 años y para ponerlo en marcha. Su metodología, experiencia y dominio del estado del arte en tendencias sectoriales, nuevas tecnologías y partners ha sido determinante a la hora de escogerles. Nos han facilitado mucho y garantizado el éxito de la implantación que efectivamente han conseguido. Gracias a todo el equipo."

Francisco Fernández

CFO Institut Odontològic

"Jorge is a great professional to work with, always looking forward for the next challenge and able to clearly see your abilities to get the most out of you and your team, to help you improve and to get things done."

Fernando Di Menna

HR Director Miquel Alimentación

"I am really satisfied with the great job Jorge and his team have done in our company. They gave us creative strategic contributions and at the same time they complemented our executive team helping to generate great business results in the short term, all these with tones of enthusiasm, which is highly recommended to reach challenges."

Jaume Avilés

Director Comercial Intelligence Bureau

"Jorge, y en general todos sus colaboradores en Kernel, nos generan la máxima confianza para contratarles servicios, tanto como proveedores internos de Aventia como colaboradores en proyectos conjuntos. Dominan la consultoría, son prácticos y metódicos a la vez y su enfoque a resultados nos aseguran la calidad y el cumplimiento de las expectativas de los proyectos. A nivel personal, un placer trabajar con Jorge"

Oriol Sanz

Director General Ricoh Aventia

"One thing is to know your customer and another is trying to anticipate to what your customer really knows and eventually wants.  Not an easy task! But a challenge that thanks to KBC and their NeurOn Strategy methodology we are getting better at. Why? Because by applying this methodology we can better prioritize the customer insights. We are getting to know our customers in a more in depth manner than before, and the result? Bringing value to…"

Carlota Roset

Business Innovation Director TORRES

"Jorge is an expert in designing and implementing wide and deep business transformation plans. He provides a highly efficient view, analysis and support to his clients' top management. Jorge is able to detect and take advantage from the qualities and capabilities of the entire management team to create a better structure, catalazing the optimum sustainable growth. Jorge is a person who understands very well his customers' needs. His professional experience in top consulting companies, in addition to…"

Jose Antonio Cigüenza

Socio Forest Partners

"His seniority and expertise makes him a valuable team player. I would highlight his ability in applying methodology into practice and achieve strong outcomes from a project. His attitude and positivism is also remarkable."

Antonio Vendrell

Marketing & Sales Manager Almirall


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If you need further information or want to join our team, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted …


Av. Diagonal 640, 6th Floor
08017 Barcelona, Spain

T. +34 933 221 170
E. info@kernelbc.com


Kernel Business Consulting is a strategic consulting boutique and is the leading and referent firm in the application of neuroscience to business strategy, being pioneers in this field since 2009.

During these years it has developed a methodology (mindlogics®) and a technology (imaginelab®) of its own that are referents in the subconscious vs. conscious understanding of its clients' publics, whether internal (eg employees) or external (eg B2B clients or distributors, suppliers, consumers), and on how to "translate" it into the company, from strategy and innovation (value proposition, experience, culture, branding, markets, business models, etc.) to more tactical actions.

Mindlogics® and imaginelab® are the result of years of research (since 2009) of its multi-disciplinary team (senior managers, consultants and scientists) in collaboration with leading international neuroscientific firms and institutions, and both together multiply joint capacities and synergies of avant-garde neuroscience, cognitive technologies and the "state of the art" of artificial intelligence as sources of competitive advantage for its clients.

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